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Research and Experts is a leading provider of market sector reports and company reports. We aim to provide our clients with the most up-to-date and relevant competitive intelligence which will give them valuable insights into their market.

We provide hundreds of thousands of company and industry research reports analysing all the major industry sectors. Our reports present qualitative and quantitative information providing our clients with the key intelligence required for strategic decision making.

Our market reports are rich in key competitive intelligence including both qualitative and quantitative data. Our reports provide information on current market status and future market trends including industry analysis, key competitors, key industry statistics and developments in technology.

Clients will get important and hard to find information which will help them make strategic decisions to drive growth in their organisation.


Sectors in which we supply market research reports and company reports include the following:

Heavy Industry 

heavy industry market information and company information

Our industry reports on the Heavy Industry sector provide detailed industry reports and company analysis on the following subsectors: Energy and Resources; Construction; Manufacturing; Logistics; Materials and Chemicals. Sectoral data on the heavy industry sector includes analysis on market trends, leading companies, market value and projected growth.  

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Service Industries

    service industry market reports and company reports


Research and Experts provide market intelligence on the Services Sector including analysis of Business and Financial Services, Tourism, Customer Services and the Public Sector. Our publishers provide the intelligence required to make key strategic growth decisions within these sectors .

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Food, Drink and Tobacco

Food, Drink and Tobacco company reports and market reports


The Food, Drink and Tobacco sectors are analysed by our publisher partners providing growth and opportunity insights into companies and sectors within Beverages, Agriculture, Food, Tobacco and Hospitality.

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Technology and Media

technology and media market and company information

Technology and Media is a sector that is growing very fast and we recognise the difficulties faced by companies when it comes to keeping up-to-date with all the latest trends and developments. Our publishers employ the most advanced monitoring techniques available to provide our clients with the latest competitive intelligence in the areas of ICT, Computer Software, Telecommunications, E-commerce and Media.

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Life Sciences

life sciences market reports and company reports



Life Sciences is one of the fastest and most profitable industry sectors in today’s economy. Company sector reports and market sector reports are vital tools for key decision makers within these sectors. The Life Sciences field includes Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Diagnostics, Healthcare and Medical Devices.

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Consumer Goods

Consumer goods market reports and company reports


Identify the latest Consumer Goods industry trends and market data using our in-depth market sector reports and company industry reports. Reports from our Consumer Goods section include the following industry sectors: Apparel, Cosmetics, Consumer Goods, Retail, Home Improvements.

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