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Cider market sees growth in 2013.
The value of the cider market grew ahead of volume.
Promotional activity and product innovation key to the positive 2013 result.


The Cider Market Insight United Kingdom report contains detailed brand, distribution and packaging data and analysis across the United Kingdom cider market for 2013. Brand and packaging volume data is available whilst value data is also available for distribution data. Text analysis reveals the drivers behind the data. 

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Report Source Information

Supplied by: Research and Experts 
Date Published: 2014-09-27 

Report: Cider Market Insights United Kingdom



Table of Contents
List of Tables
List of Figures
Data Revisions Summary
Section 1 Market Update
Market Commentary
Current and Emerging Trends
Imports and Exports
Brand Analysis
Private Label/Private Label Producers
New Products and Photo Shots
Market Structure
Cider Producers/Importers
Packaging Trends
Channel Analysis
Market Valuation & Pricing
Distribution Trends
Cider Legislation & Taxation Tables
Cider Pricing Tables
Cider Data Tables
Section 2 Brewer Profiles
Brewer Profiles
Aston Manor Brewery
C&C Group Plc
Heineken UK (HP Bulmer)
Minor Cider Companies
Methodology & Product Definitions

List of Tables

Table 1: Cider Key Facts
Table 2: Top 10 Cider Brands - Volume, 2011-2013
Table 3: Top 10 International Premium and Superpremium Cider Brands - Volume, 2011-2013
Table 4: Licensed Brand Owners and Licensees
Table 5: Cider Market Valuation (Local Currency), 2012-2014F
Table 6: Trade Margin Build-Up Model
Table 7: Taxation Base (March 2013 Budget)
Table 8: Historical Excise Rates of Cider
Table 9: Legal Controls on Cider
Table 10: Tax Burden on Cider
Table 11: Selected Consumer Cider Prices: Off-Premise, 2012-2014
Table 12: Selected Consumer Cider Prices: On-Premise, 2012-2014
Table 13: Cider Production/Trade/Consumption 000 HL, 2005-2014F
Table 14: Cider Production/Trade/Consumption - Growth, 2005-2014F
Table 15: Consumption of FABs and Cider (000 HL), 2003-2014F
Table 16: Cider Market Valuation (Local Currency), 2012-2014F
Table 17: Cider Consumption by Local Definition, 2010-2014F
Table 18: Cider Consumption by Standard Price Segmentation, 2010-2014F
Table 19: Cider Consumption by Alcoholic Strength, 2010-2014F
Table 20: Cider Consumption by Type, 2010-2014F
Table 21: Cider Consumption by Geographic Scope, 2010-2014F
Table 22: Cider All Trademarks, 2009-2013
Table 23: Cider Brands by Local Definition, 2009-2013
Table 24: Cider Brands by Standard Price Segment, 2009-2013
Table 25: Cider Brands by Alcoholic Strength, 2009-2013
Table 26: Cider Brands by Type, 2009-2013
Table 27: Imported Brands by Origin, 2009-2013
Table 28: Cider Licensed Brands, 2012-2013
Table 29: Cider Private Label Brands, 2009-2013
Table 30: Cider Trademark Owners, 2009-2013
Table 31: Cider Local Operators, 2009-2013
Table 32: Cider leading Brewers/Importers, 2009-2013
Table 33: Cider Consumption by Pack Mix: Refillability/Pack/Size, 2010-2014F
Table 34: Cider Distribution: On vs Off Premise, 2010-2014F
Table 35: A-BInBev UK Full Cider Brand List
Table 36: A-BInBev UK Brand Volumes 2011-2013
Table 37: Aston Manor Brewery Full Cider Brand List
Table 38: Aston Manor Brewery Brand Volumes 2009-2013
Table 39: Gaymers Cider Company Full Cider Brand List
Table 40: C&C Group Brand Volumes 2010-2013
Table 41: Heineken UK Full Cider Brand List
Table 42: Heineken UK Brand Volumes 2009-2013
Table 43: Aspalls
Table 44: Brothers Drinks Co Ltd
Table 45: Kopparberg
Table 46: Merrydown (SHS)
Table 47: Thatchers Cider Co
Table 48: H Weston & Sons Ltd

List of Figures

Figure 1: Cider Leading Brewers/Importers, 2013
Figure 2: Cider Consumption by Pack Material/Type, 2013
Figure 3: Cider Distribution by Channel, 2013
Figure 4: Cider Consumption by Price Segment, 2013


Cider Market Insight reports provide detailed data and textual analysis of the beer category and the report contains four sections plus an Executive Summary, a concise summary of the report including key findings and drivers.

Section 1: Market Update
Each section contains text explaining the main drivers behind the 2013 data
o Current and Emerging Trends
o Outlook
o Imports and Exports
o Segmentation
o Brand Analysis
o Private Label/Private Label Producers
o New Products and Photo Shots
o Market Structure
o Cider Producers/Importers
o Packaging Trends
o Channel Analysis
o Market Valuation & Pricing
o Distribution Trends
o Cider Pricing Tables
o Cider Data Tables*
Section 2: Brewer Profiles
A brief history of each major player in the country along with discussion of facilities, key events and developments in 2013

*Data is segmented by the following attributes in Beer Market Insight reports;
o Alcoholic Strength
o Cider Type
o Brand
o Brand Owner
o Brewed In
o Calorie Rating
o Country of Origin
o Geographic Scope
o Geography
o Local Operator
o Local Segment
o Modus Operandi
o Price Segment
o PL indicator
o Trademark Brand

o Off-premise
o Off-premise sub channel
o On-premise
o On-premise sub channel
o Price Segmentation

o Pack Material
o Pack Type
o Pack Size
Refillable Indicator



Language Code: EN 
Region: United Kingdom 
Report Type: Industry Report 
Industry: Food, Drink and Tobacco 
Sector: Cider 
Pages: 55 

Companies Featured

A-BinBev UK, Aston Manor Brewery, C&C Group Plc, Heineken Uk (HP Bulmer)


Reasons to buy this report

The Market Insight United Kingdom report contains detailed data segmented by many attributes which gives you a cohesive picture of the market and this data is combined with insight into the drivers of trends allowing you to identify opportunities and threats within the United Kingdom market. The extensive data shows you the performance of brands and brewers allowing you to compare and track performances. Potential players in the category would benefit from the identification in this report of likely growth segments in the UK cider market. 

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Cider Market Insights United Kingdom

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United Kingdom

The UK economy is the second largest in the eurozone. Almost every industrial sector is well established in the UK and those worth mentioning include Aerospace, Agriculture, Automotive, Business and professional services, Chemicals, Construction, Consumer goods, Defence equipment, Education, Electronics, Energy, Entertainment, Financial services, Food and beverages, Healthcare, Hospitality and leisure, Industrial equipment, Information technology, Media, Pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, Processed metals, Real estate, Retailing, Scientific equipment, Telecommunications, Tourism, Transportation and logistics, Utilities.

The UK is emerging from recession in the Eurozone with growth in manufacturing and construction. The National Institute for Economic and Social Research is predicting growth of 2.5% in 2014 and 2.1% in 2015. Some economists predict that growth could reach 3% if inflation is properly managed. Unemployment is expected to fall to 6.5 -7% in 2014. Interest rates will remain low and inflation should remain around 2%.

Growth in 2013 was helped by a boost in consumer spending but that will not continue without an increase in wages and a higher debt-to-income ratio in the future.

The manufacturing and construction sectors are still not as strong as they should be and further investments in these sectors is required. 

One of the issues that businesses in the UK are keen to address is productivity and many companies are holding off on hiring and pay increases until this issue is tackled. 

David Cameron is keen to push more 'reshoring' of jobs in the manufacturing sector and 2013 saw over 1,500 jobs return to the UK in the automobile, clothing, manufacturing and other industries. The provision of cheaper energy including nuclear and 'shale gas' is seen as paramount to increased job creation.

Other challenges in the British economy include an aging population, youth unemployment, an inflexible labour market and competing with the US on energy costs. The US has the advantage of shale gas which is three times cheaper than British gas.

In an effort to increase competitiveness the conservative government is investing £375billion in energy, transport, communications and water over the next 5 years. This will be matched by £25billion from the insurance industry. Taxes have been cut and welfare has undergone reform. There are generous tax incentives for investors in start-up companies. All these efforts should go a long way towards driving growth in the UK. is a  leading source of market research on the UK.

Useful Links

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CIA World Factbook on UK

National Institute for Economic and Social Research (UK)

UK Trade and Investment

United Kingdom

British Islands




Fifty six sovereign states are listed with territory in Europe (six have limited rocognition). The 50 soverign states of Europe are Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark,  Estonia,  Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Vatican City (Holy See).

The leading economies of Europe are Germany, France, UK, Italy and Russia.
Research and Experts, the market intelligence platform, provides companies with access to the latest leading industry reports covering the European region. Our company reports contain the following information; company overviews, key facts, key employees, products and services, as well as financial ratios. Our industry reports are vital sources of detailed historic and forecast values for markets in Europe, segmented at category level. Research and Experts reports also provide regional analysis and analysis of the leading companies in key European markets. 





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The beverages industry includes two main sectors alcoholic drinks (beer, wine and spirits) and non-alcoholic drinks (soft drinks, bottled water, sports drinks, juices, hot drinks). The global soft drinks market is strong with strong new growth coming from Asia. 

Trends in the beverages sector include the growth in demand for Irish whiskey globally, increased interest in craft beers, the impact of climate change on the wine industry and the negative publicity surrounding the soft drinks industry.

Mergers and acquisitions news that hit the headlines in the sector in recent times include the purchase of  the Ribena and Lucozade brands from Glaxco Smithline Beecham by Santory for US$2.11bn. Coca-Cola completed their 100% stake offering for Innocent Smoothies once they got the go ahead from the office of fair trading.

Companies in the beverages industry need to understand market trends to survive in today's difficult environment.

Research and Experts provide actionable intelligence to help companies in the beverages sector to meet the demands of todays marketplace.

Useful Links

The Beverages Standards Association

The UK Food and Drink Federation

The American Beverage Association

Union of European Soft Drinks Associations


Food, Drink and Tobacco

The Food, Drink and Tobacco industry is kept current and ready to adapt to market trends with our range of industry intelligence reports.

Changes in food and drink consumption have been mostly driven by increased urbanisation and growing middle classes globally. The demand for higher quality food stuffs is rising with increased demand for high protein foods such as meat and dairy.

The soft drinks sector has also benefitted from the globalisation of higher value foods. This has been a rapidly growing sector with increased sales in Asia and Eastern Europe. For further information see our Plimsoll reports on this subject.

The Tobacco industry has been suffering since the 1990's as a result of government intervention in many countries to control the levels of addiction amongst citizens. However, the tobacco industry has remained one of the most profitable industries in the world with companies adept at moving into new markets and adapting to new technology. The electronic cigarette is most disputive product in this sector.  Plimsoll have published an extensive report on TOBACCO MANUFACTURERS (Global) market and delivers a comprehensive individual analysis on the top 250 companies, including ALTADIS CANARIAS SA., BRITISH AMERICAN TOBACCO ESPANA SA and BRITISH AMERICAN TOBACCO NEDERLAND B.V.. 

Reseach and Experts aim to provide you with the most comprehensive collection of market research reports on the food, drink and tobacco industries globally.

Food, Drink and Tobacco





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